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Ontario Long Form Birth Certificate

Long Form Birth Certificate Sample

This is a sample of how the long form birth certificate looks. It’s the one that has the copy of the original birth registration and officially it’s called “Certified Copy of Birth Registration”. It has the parents’ information, the hospital where the baby was born, the weight of the baby, all the details of the birth and it is endorsed as authentic by the Office of the Registrar General.

You may need this type of birth certificate for weddings abroad or any other international procedure.  This is the birth certificate that most Consulates and Embassies require. See example of authentication and legalization.

You can order it here at:

The cost of this is $35 for the regular service and it takes up to 15 days plus delivery to be ready, although you can order an “emergency” one  ($65)  in person and it takes 5 business days to be completed. You’d need prove of why it is an emergency. This is the address of the office to go in person:

Service Ontario
47 Sheppard Avenue East
4th Floor, Unit 417
Toronto, ON
M2N 5N1

Sample Ontario Birth Certificate


Canadian Birth Certificate - Long Form


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