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Single Status Affidavit – Never been married

This is an example of a single status affidavit, all the information is fictitious.

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Affidavit of Single Status

CANADA                    )                      IN THE MATTER OF:
Province of Ontario )                      The marriage between
                                                            Jessica Finch  and Hernan Sosa Acosta

I, Jessica Finch of the City of Toronto, in the Province of Ontario MAKE OATH AND SAY AS FOLLOWS:

  1. I am Jessica Finch, born as Jessica Finch on March 14, 1985 in the City of Toronto, in the Province of Ontario.
  2. I am a Canadian Citizen with passport number 1234678. I reside at 123 Main St., in the City of Toronto.
  3. I intend to marry Hernan Sosa Acosta in the Town of Havana, Cuba, during the week of January, 2019.
  4. I am single and have never been married before. To the best of my knowledge and belief there is no legal impediment or other lawful cause to prevent me from getting married.
  5. The names of my parents are Joan Finch, Mother and Nathan Finch, Father.


AND, I make this Solemn Declaration conscientiously believing it to be true and knowing that it is of the same force and effect as if made under oath and by virtue of the Canada Evidence Act.


SWORN before me at                                    )
Toronto, in the Province of Ontario,             )
Canada, this 20th day of November, 2018.  )


Jessica Finch




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